Best Engineering and Environmental Geology Student Award

Best Engineering and Environmental Geology Student Award

In order to promote the standing of the science of Engineering and Environmental Geology and to promote student membership of the Institute a student prize is awarded. The award consists of a book token as well as a certificate. The following criteria apply:

  • The award is to be presented to a student studying in the engineering geological or environmental fields who is either a final year B.Sc., Honours or M.Sc. student. In exceptional circumstances the award may be presented to a person who is not a member.
  • The student should have made a significant impression in their chosen field of study either by having presented a paper at a suitable occasion or by having made a significant contribution to research.

The procedure is as follows:

  • An annual call for nominations is directed at the relevant academic institutions offering Honours and post graduate courses in Engineering and Environmental Geology.
  • These nominations will be forwarded to the SAIEG Council.
  • Detailed written motivation is to be given by the head of department of the relevant institution.
  • The sub-committee appointed by the SAIEG Council will consider the nominations.
  • The decision of the sub-committee will be subject to ratification by the Council.
  • Where possible, the award will be presented at an appropriate Institute function.